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DBMA CT Class Notes: 10/16/13

Warm up- Heavy Weapons

Roof and Umbrella Deflections

Dos Triques- Siniwali

("Los Triques" Krabi Krabong & Kali Blend)

1) Krabi Krabong Jab and Cross

2) Krabi Krabong Jab, Cross, Backhand, Kick

3) Thai Kick Form Drill

DBMA Knife Drills.

Letha Yoga Stretch

DBMA CT Class Notes 10/23/13:

The 7 Ranges of Stickfighting-






Clinch (demonstration of two handed techniques)


Snaggletooth Drills on the Diamond- Siniwali

Krabi Krabong Double Sword Strikes- 8 Count Drill

Fail/ Succeed Knife Drill

DBMA CT Class Notes 10/30/13:

Examination of Outer Diamond footwork versus the False Diamond (Zirconia) step to center line.

Warm up- heavy weapons (introduction of hand switch).

Footwork on the hour glass (including heel lift on the corners, and rounding the top).

Snaggletooth ( \/ ) versus Lower Canines (/\ ) and the Zig Zag ( /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ ). Demonstration of the Drive By/Gum footwork.

Prison Riot Drill using the Lower Canines (double stick- roof to caveman strike).

Examination of Snake Range stick movement (the Clock/ the Wag).

Lower Canine Circle Drill (changing direction).

Knife- 5 count passing drill.

1. Scissor

2. Meet and Pass

3. Pass

DBMA CT Class Notes: 11/13/13:

Warm up: Heavy weapons training with baseball bat (left then right). Add in the Redondo.

Machete Training- deflection to slip (wrist or elbow). /\ Lower Canine /\ Tip up deflection as protection from hand shots.

Kali Two Step Drill with action flex- focus on targeting wrists and elbows. Introduction to the Zombie Drill (single direct attack by mutliple attackers one at a time and one after the other on the student).

Demonstration- Knife disarm from threatening (ie. non engaging) attacker. (Gun disarm).

The Dog Catcher Knife Defense Drill (response to random angles of attack and Panantukan follow ups).

5 Count Knife Drill (pass, meet, scissor).

DBMA Knife Drills.

Free Flow (multiple blades). Application of skills drilled above.

DBMA CT Class Notes 11/20/13:

As a teacher of DBMA, my main goal is to produce siniwali fighters. Although you can see some of this material in the Snaggletooth Variation, Krabi Krabong, and Los/Dos Triques videos, the majority of this material is not public as far as I know. Guro Crafty has developed an impressive curriculum here, but it can be inaccessible due to weaknesses in coordination, footwork and IQ! Notice I did not say speed, power, or age.

For me, I could not access this material until I had become fluent in the double stick coordination drills taught in the Inosanto-Lacoste system. However, students who have developed coordination, bilateralism and footwork through other means should be able to access the DBMA material.

One key in all of our training is to avoid become mere encyclopedias of various techniques. So how do you avoid that? Combining stick and footwork, and bilateralism are a good place to start. Never underestimate the importance of repetitively training body mechanics of your swing and integrating it with precise footwork. So a common theme in our training here is to warm up with this material every class.

When you are in a "modular" (aka JKD type system) maintaining these basic skills as a foundation is paramount or you will be a casualty of choice reaction principle!

Warm up with baseball bat (left then right). Heavy Weapons to accentuate the knots in your swing!

Rattan Drill Deflection/Reposte with Thai Pad. Use of Umbrella/Roof/ Point Up Deflection and then returning the attack on the half beat.

Machete deflection to slip (wrist or elbow). Tip up deflection as protection from hand shots.

Drill with action flex- focus on targeting wrists and elbows.

Analysis of primary targeting options (lethal first strike versus defang method).

Analysis of blade types and purposes.

DBMA Knife Drills.

DBMA CT Class Notes (11/25/2013):

1) Letha Yoga stretch torso (folded over bent leg).

2) Yoga Jiu Jitsu Leg Rotations (half and then full rotations).

These first two are phenomenal for loosening up the hips, and the second also teaches how to move on the ground without using your hands.

This is an important grappling skill, but also important in order to keep your hands free to hold a weapon (stick, knife, gun).

3) Aikido Suwari Waza leg movement/ ground work- shows how to move efficiently on the ground.

Here is an instructional link if you'd like to see how it is done: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWDN6bxlC98).

4) Combat Kicks- kicking from the back or side while holding a weapon. Horizontal strikes (kicks) against vertical targets (legs).

Demonstration- Dumog entry and takedown with Knife and Empty Handed. Used this as an introduction to a review of the Knife Panantukan.

Inosanto-Lacoste Knife Panantukan Entries

DBMA Attacking Blocks:

Attacking Blocks RH1A-

The same roof/ umbrella action is used to begin the RH1A (Right Handed, 1A- same leg forward as arm, not a false lead or 1B).

1) Umbrella with fade back motion

2) Roof with fade forward motion

3) Umbrella with left step forward

4) Horizontal slash to head with right step forward

5) Vertical Down slash (Palm Down) to cover as you step back with the right

6) Vertical Down slash (Palm Up) to cover as you step back with the left

Drill- Metrinome begins with the diagonal slash to elicit Fighters Umbrella/ or Roof. M then delivers the two diagonal slashes while stepping back against F's Attacking Blocks. This puts F in position to deliver the Horizontal. M hold stick vertical to absorb F's horizontal strike.

This material was allegedly inspired by PTK Seguida #3. It is a good two-man training drill using the Seguida material as a generator to develop Attacking Blocks and that powerful backhand Horizontal!

Demonstration of knife training footwork: hinge step and side step off the bottom of the hour glass.

December 4, 2013

Warm Up: Attacking Blocks

Using the backward and forward swaying motion between the first umbrella and rook to loosen up the hips.

Switch the sway with a cross step on the backward movement (Illustrisimo cross step).

Demonstration of Lamenco 5 (left then right with redondo instead of diagonals)

Demonstration of the Frondo Seguida (Outer Diamond)

Back to the sway and cross step emphasizing a PTK type take off step from the backward sway to the forward charge.

Heavy Weapons:

Baseball bat/ axe pick handle.

Introduction to projectiles:

Single blade throw without spin (close range).

Single blade throw with half spin (medium distance).

Throwing training blades into cardboard boxes.

Inosanto Blend Palisut Drill:

Fighter- Bakal Grip (targets are kidney/ heart thrust)

Metrinome (Eater)- Heaven Grip (target are right jugular/ left jugular)

DBMA Knife Drills.

Spring Classes Start April 19th!

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