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Quotes To whom it may concern: Russ Iger is a good man, a good teacher, and a good fighter. I know this from the time that he has worked with me in Dog Brothers Martial Arts, from the students he has produced as an instructor in DBMA, and the fighting he has done as "C-Bad Dog" of "the Dog Brothers." It is my pleasure to recommend him. Marc F. Denny Guiding Force of the Dog Brothers Head Instructor of Dog Brothers Martial Arts Quotes
Marc Denny
Head Instructor of Dog Brothers Martial Arts

Quotes Russell Iger is one member of an exceptional company of instructors that I am extremely fortunate to have met. I am immensely appreciative to have engaged, trained, and practiced with Russ. His experience is impressive. He is one of very rare instructors whose FMA background is tempered with experience, and realism. His accumulated knowledge has been tested, and as such, he is amenable to new exposures, and not afraid to adjust. Such an approach allows one to comfortably complement ones own martial art familiarity. He is generous with his knowledge. Doesn't hold back. Is patient. Fun to work with. If you want to raise the level of your FMA training Russ is the rare individual who will guide you through this process. Here is a unique opportunity to get involved in the innovative DBMA system. Here is a life changing opening to taste tried and proven techniques. The DBMA approach is well represented by one of its members, Russell Iger. Quotes
Agapito Gonzalez
Mataas Na Guro Pekiti-Tirsia